The Next Innovation In Self-Pleasure

razor vibrator

The Tinge is a vibrator disguised as a razor: have an orgasm with that shave!

Ever heard the one about the woman who went through airport security with a vibrator in her bag? For whatever reason instead of packing her sex toy in her checked luggage, this woman put it in her carry-on. (Did she not check anything or just want some "alone time" on the plane? We'll never know.) When she put her bag on through x-ray machine the jostling shifted its contents and the bag started buzzing. TSA pulled her aside, opened her bag and pulled out a vibe—and the woman was stuck explaining to unhappy airport officials that it was a sex toy, not part of an international conspiracy.

Sounds like an urban legend, but such things have happened—and you definitely don't want it happening to you. Enter the Tinge, an embarrassment-proof vibrator. The Tinge is a sex toy disguised as a razor. It looks like a thicker version of a pink Gillette Venus and you can use it to shave your legs—or to pleasure yourself. Seems dangerous, but there's a cap that clips over the blade and seems pretty snug—although we don't want to imagine what would happen if it came off at the wrong moment. The Tinge also comes with a charging stand, so you can keep it in your bathroom to use in tandem with your showerhead and no one will be any the wiser.

The Tinge is not a quiet vibe (as Love Buzz found out when we turned it on in our cubicle) but the vibration is pretty strong, and it has various patterns and strengths. 

Yes, this is a novelty item, and for $159 you could get several traditional vibrators (or a couple hundred razors) but if you're shy, or live in a dorm, or for whatever reason don't want a regular vibe, this might be the contraption for you.