What's An Ox Got To Do With It?

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Love, Self

Chinese New Year means the stable, hardworking Ox now rules our love lives.

An ordinary Monday in the US is—to Chinese communities around the world—the start of the most important holiday of the year: the start of the new year, according to the traditional Chinese calendar.

A new year in China brings a new ruling zodiac animal. From January 26, 2009–February 13, 2010, Chinese astrology says the Ox will be guiding us. The plodding stability that an Ox year brings will be quite a different change of pace from the aggressive, wealth-driven and charming Rat, who dominated 2008. 

Tarot.com reports that an Oxen-ruled year can challenge those with little patience, as change happens slowly but surely. There's an increased emphasis on reinforcing foundations and tightening of belts, and "Substance is always favored over style in the Year of the Ox." Here's what the site predicted for our love lives in the new Chinese year:

With regard to romance, the Year of the Earth Ox is time to get serious. The Ox doesn't favor careless flings -- remember, this animal favors work over play. In fact, playing fast and loose with somebody's heart could get in you in deep trouble. This is a fabulous year to get engaged or married, provided you're with someone you love. If you're not ready to make a commitment to a casual love interest, you're better off breaking up. Hold out for real thing -- a relationship that will withstand poverty, illness and any other challenges that lie ahead.

Whether or not you take stock in horoscopes, the qualities that reign during an Ox year seem curiously in line with the current state of the world. A friends with benefits or otherwise unattached relationship might not flourish under the heavy hoof of the Ox, but the sign's penchant for foundation-building could help save and reinforce a struggling couple.

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