Russell Brand: Sex Machine


The British comic reportedly beds 80 women a month.

In a feat that makes even the legendary antics of Wilt Chamberlain look pedestrian, Russell Brand reportedly manages to sleep with up to three women a day.

For those of you who don't have the calculator function on your computer readily available, that's up to 1095 women annually (1098 in a leap year), and up to 54,762 women over the next 50 years.

In other words, Brand might, at his current rate, sleep with nearly 10% of all the single 25 to 64-year-old females in London.

Of course, racking up such an impressive number of notches in the bedpost takes a great deal of planning and, yes, even math, on the British comic's part. He tells GQ magazine that he does it by "working out how many days [there are], and here's the simple rule, triple it."

But is such an active lovemaking schedule at risk of eventually becoming, well, a little routine? Brand insists it isn't. "I love it. I've a very addictive personality, and it's very easy for me to get compulsive about anything sensual."

This isn't to say that the 33 year old doesn't occasionally entertain the notion of giving it a rest. "Sometimes I think, 'Come on, have a day off'."

But such thoughts seem to be a passing fancy. In fact, Brand recently had a yoga gym installed in his house in a bid to improve his flexibility in bed. "He vows it helps him in the bedroom by getting into positions other people cannot reach,"says a source.

Needless to say, we're glad to hear it. The last thing we want is for Brand to be less than bendy when our turn to sleep with him finally comes around.