The #1 Way To Survive A Long Distance Relationship


Is massive mileage keeping you and your man apart? Let Love U help bridge the distance.

Is massive mileage keeping you and your man apart? When you and your boo are states apart, it can sometimes be hard to keep that spark in the relationship. If you feel like you're suffering from a love withdrawal, these quick tips from Love U on how to survive the hardships of a long-distance relationship will point you in the right direction and help bridge the distance.

The first tip to being in a successful long distance relationship is to remain social, even if you do not want to. You can't keep yourself locked away because it will only make you feel even more lonely. Ladies, make sure some of these new friends are women to be safe. Hanging out with only guys will most likely make your significant other jealous. For those couples who are in different countries, phone calls may be hard to do. You can spice things up by trying out video calls; you can use skype to keep the flames hot in your relationship. Not only will this allow you to see each other and keep things going as if you have never left, it'll give you guys a chance to get reacquainted in more ways than one (if you catch our drift).