Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Split

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

The Spare and his girl end their relationship.

Most of us look back on some of our exes and wonder why we ever broke up with them. No judgments here, but how often do you ever hear of someone dumping royalty? It appears that Prince Harry’s now ex-girlfriend has ended their five-year relationship. Word is that she couldn’t handle his lifestyle and, according to a royal source, "The couple had a lot of fun but the relationship has run its course. They are still on speaking terms but the relationship has ended." The kicker to this story: she let her friends know the relationship was over via Facebook! Wow, talk about heartbreak in the digital age!

Now, for those who follow the relationships of the British monarchy, this couple has broken up multiple times so who knows if this breakup will really stick but giving someone the shaft on Facebook is one of our big Don'ts. One thing is for certain: having dated and ended things with a member of the British Royal Family definitely sets the bar a little higher in your next relationship, even though now dudes who date Chelsy need beware that they might find out how she feels online before she actually tells them herself.

So, for those of you who want a shot at the Ginger Prince, step right up: a slot has now become available and we hear that tiaras might be all the rage for spring.

Scoop courtesy of Hollyscoop. Photo courtesy of Splash News.