Jennifer Aniston Wants A Prenup

Jennifer Aniston

Rumor has it the star wants John Mayer to sign some papers before marriage.

Every once in a while, when the time is right and you’re with someone you love, they say those four little words that everyone wants to hear and a ring is involved. Sometimes those words are "Will you marry me?" But sometimes to get to that point, there are four little words spoken that are considerably less romantic: "Please sign these papers."

In this case, it appears that Jennifer Aniston has decided there is no romance without finance and is asking boyfriend John Mayer to sign a prenup before the duo consider getting married. The star wants to protect her $150 million dollar fortune and it appears that Mayer is balking at the idea. The National Enquirer is reporting that Jennifer is on a bit of a career high and although she cares for her rocker beau, she wants to protect her assets. Mayer reportedly has wounded pride over the issue and it’s causing some drama in their relationship. Evidently the couple was planning on getting engaged and having a star-studded wedding later this year and this might be a bit of a deal breaker to planning the nuptials. 

Truthfully, the only people who really know what is happening in this relationship are Jennifer and John but seriously, $150 million dollars gives you plenty of reasons to draw up some paperwork. Her body may be a Wonderland, John, but evidently dealing with her attorneys is not.

Scoop courtesy of Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.