Is Hugh Hefner Back With His Wife?

hugh hefner

It looks like Kimberly Conrad has been seen around the Playboy Mansion.

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but a beautiful blond has started spending some time at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. Here's where it gets interesting, she's married and she's like 46 years old. You probably know that 46 is the new 100 in terms of Hef's tastes.

The woman is a Kimberly Conrad and the man she is married to is Hugh Hefner. "Whaaaaaaa?" is what we said (and you should have too). According to Celebitchy (really a great site, they have some great details and insight about this one), Kimberly Conrad actually lives near the Playboy Mansion grounds but just does not participate much in the comings and comings of the estate's master, until recently. The 1989 Playmate of the Year had spent some time at the manse on less rambunctious evenings but had avoided the more festive events like Hugh Hefner avoids graveyards. But she recently showed up at "movie night" and rumors of romance rekindled surfaced.

She and Hugh Hefner have been separated for like 10 years but have not divorced. Word on the street is that she refused him a divorce and he was fine with it (making us wonder if the Playboy kingpin's empire is a bit of a house of cards). Wouldn't it be awesome if she swept in like some modern day Catherine de Medici to ensure her sons' inheritance and along the way threw all the 22-year olds on their collective asses?

We've long held the opinion that all a man needs is a 9 to 10 years sowing his oats with peroxide blondes before he's ready to go back to his wife. And it's totally reasonable for her to wait for him and not date anyone in the interim.

Holly Madison's exit makes more sense now. Hugh Hefner is happy with his estrangement arrangement and already has 2 teenage sons to continue his legacy (not to mention his grown children David and the incredible Christie Hefner). And, if armchair psychology is remotely accurate, he’d likely be a little freaked out at the prospect of having a daughter in contemporary times. He has a pretty good idea of what goes on with young ladies these days.

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