Pink And Carey Hart Re-Engaging?

pink and carey hart

Pink and Carey Hart's reconciliation can be best described through the brilliance of Top Gun.

You know in Top Gun when Goose (Anthony Edwards) dies and Maverick (Tom Cruise, duh) has a tough time getting back in the saddle? He talks to Tom Skerritt (Viper) about his career options and is informed that he can graduate and return to flight status. Then when he does get back to active duty he's gotta go head-to-head with a whole mess of MiG 28s? But he's still not quite ready to fight until he hears that his squadron-mates really need. Then, properly motivated, he kicks his F14 into high gear and everyone on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (and in the theaters, if they have anything approaching a human heart) gets goose bumps (some pun intended) when the radar operator says, "Maverick's re-engaging, sir." Then the theme song starts (the theme song not "Take My Breath Away" or "Danger Zone" or "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," click on the video below for a reminder, that is Eddie Van Halen on guitar) and the theater gets a little dusty (or someone is chopping onions). Well, according to the San Francisco Gate, Pink and Carey Hart are re-engaging. Cue the guitar solo.

The two have been split since February of 2008 and it's never been entirely clear why they split in the first place. But split they did and actually divorced sometime during the spring, summer or fall of 2008 (details!). But they were rumored to share a snog (what the English call a smoocheroo) on New Year's Eve and things have really gotten out of hand since then. The SF Gate's Daily Dish (a brilliant name for a blog on celebrity relationship if we've ever heard one) says that the couple has decided to take their love off furlough and move back in together (suck it, Righteous Brothers, she's found that lovin' feeling).

We've long suspected that Pink and Carey Hart were just in a holding pattern above the aircraft carrier that is their love. Continuing the Top Gun analogy, we get the feeling that Hart requested, on several occasions, permission for a fly-by ("let's just watch a movie") and was told, "Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full." The guy was in a video about their divorce, for Iceman's sake.

We sincerely hope that this thing works out for them. We know that part of rekindling with an ex is the rush of those old, intense feelings, "the need… for speed," as it were. But, hopefully, this thing of theirs is built on something more solid because we all know the first one crashed and burned, as for the second, we'll tell you tomorrow, it's looking pretty good so far.

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