Kissing Capital Of The World

YES WE CAN kiss in Guanajuato, Mexico! In fact, public smooching in this city is now encouraged. The city's mayor, Eduardo Romero, has declared Guanajuato the kissing capital of the world to underscore a local legend and negate rumors of a kissing ban.
Last week, conservative authorities of this Mexican city were criticized for passing a new anti-obscenity law that would summon fines of up to $115 for "obscene acts" or "obscene language that offends or bothers third parties." If this seems a little broad, well, it is. Many interpreted the "obscene acts" clause as a ban on public displays of affection—from sex (we'll take it) to smooching (not okay!). 
The city's local legend tells of a rich man's daughter who fell for the poor boy across the street. Although they were forbidden to see each other, their street was so narrow that the young couple could lean across their balconies and lip-lock from across the lane. 
Visitors can still swing by this legendary street known as the alley of the kiss or El Callejón del Beso—and you should! The legend follows that couples who kiss while standing on the third step of the staircase underneath the alley's balconies will enjoy seven years of happiness, while those who don't will endure seven years of suffering. 
Lucky for lovers, the powers that be have denied that they intended to ban PDA citywide, and they've temporarily suspended the anti-obscenity provisions for review. So feel free to kiss away—at least for now!
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