Kelly Rutherford Claims She Called Police

Kelly Rutherford

Gossip Girl star says husband intimidates her as divorce gets worse.

Most of us prefer our drama on television rather than in our daily lives, but it appears that some stars have their character’s melodramatic tendencies follow them home from the set. We reported earlier that Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford is in a divorce from her estranged husband, Daniel Giersch, and that the battle is getting kind of ugly. Kelly is trying to block Daniel from leaving the country with their son, Hermes (a request which has so far has been denied by the court,) and Daniel is claiming that Hermes is better off with him because of Kelly’s Gossip Girl shooting schedule. Now Kelly is claiming that she’s had to call police twice because Daniel allegedly cornered her in argument and she’s afraid of the avid kickboxer and boxer. Meanwhile, Daniel is claiming that Kelly is the one with the temper, claiming, "[She] has tried to hit me with an open fist when she's had an angry outburst. On July 6, she threw a laptop computer at me while we were in Hamburg. She smashed the computer on the table and it broke."

The couple goes to court today to see if Rutherford can take their son to New York City with her while she shoots Gossip Girl. As Rutherford is also pregnant with the couple’s unborn child, these custody battles are definitely pretty important.

Kind of makes the current drama between Serena and Dan on the show look a little tame, doesn’t it?

Quotes courtesy of Us Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.