Paris Hilton Sex Tape: Part 10

Blame it on that deal we made with the devil a few years back, but we (like all good gossip rags the world over) feel obligated to report on Paris Hilton's sex life from time to time, regardless of how recycled and banal the rumors around it might seem.

And indeed, the latest gossip is like that Barry Manilow CD in Aunt Vera's boombox: something we've heard so many times before we hardly even notice it anymore. Nonetheless, we can't help but think that some of you might want to know.

Brace yourself.

There may be another Paris Hilton sex tape.


Gold Coast reports that the author of a new book entitled Six Degrees of Paris Hilton owns a sex tape featuring the heiress "in a state of arousal in a New York taxi." The author, named Darnell Riley, says that he "bought 14 hours of video of Hilton from two Russian kids who had stolen it when they broke into her home."

Fourteen hours. That must have been a really expensive taxi ride.

Of course, this isn't the first sex tape story to chase Hilton. There was the sex tape that turned out to be nothing more than footage of her taking a bath. And the real sex tape with Rick Salomon that helped put her name on the map. And, sadly for us, those many, many, many rumored sex tapes in between.

Personally, we don't need any more nights in Paris.

Unless, that is, she's doing something totally original and unexpected. Like wearing clothes.