Dywane Wade Divorce Gets Weird

Dwyane Wade

D-Wade's wife alleges infidelity and other stuff against the all-star baller.

According to the Miami Herald, the divorce of Dwyane Wade (an alternate spelling on the nice, American name Dwayne) is taking a turn for the tawdry. The super star of the NBA's Miami Heat (and Olympic gold medalist) has been married to his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches (an alternate spelling on the nice, Irish name Siobhán), since the spring of 2002. The couple has a couple of boy-children together too. Dwyane Wade (not to be confused with Whitley's boyfriend from A Different World, Dwayne Wayne), by all accounts, is a pretty darn good guy.

But all is not well in Miami, FL. Per Siohvaughn's divorce claim the man who allegedly wears the number 3 in honor of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and is said to tithe (pay 10% of his income to) his home church back in Chicago is not so faithful and quite spendthrift when it comes to the family funds.

The hoopster nicknamed "Flash" has been tenuously linked to celebrities Gabrielle Union and Kelly Rowland (there was a crazy Star Jones rumor but she quashed that because she is a lawyer). And, per Siohvaughn's allegations, infidelity with a few more ladies may have gone down. And not good, clean girls either, if you know what we mean. Eeesh, is right. The list of perfidies asserted against the All-Star baller is long and ugly (a decent description of Ron Jeremy) and supposedly the 2007 Father Of The Year hasn't seen his boys in a while.

D-Wade's legal team says that the assertions against their client are unfounded and part of a naked attempt at perverting justice. We really hope all of this stuff being said isn't true. We've been under the opinion that Dwyane Wade is one of the good guys. The stalking charges against his former teammate Shaq shocked us but were dropped, so you never know who's telling the truth and who wants attention and/ or money.

On the other hand, if D-Wade is creeping, it's probably better that he's not spending a lot of time with his kids, groupies can't help with the kids, because according to Chris Rock, "New p*ssy's illiterate."

Thoughts? Insight? Insider info? Is it even possible for a professional athlete to stay faithful with all of that travel and easy girly action?

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