Technology Helps You Bond Over Barack

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Cherish inauguration memories together online.

The inauguration of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama is an event—like so many good and bad that capture the world's attention—that we'll look back on in years to come and recall vivid memories of where we were and whom we were with.

For most of us, the obligations of daily life will keep us apart from our significant others at the time Obama takes his oath of office—or will they? While you might not be able to hold your man's hand, you can stay abreast of his thoughts via Twitter, text message or Skype. Take a cue from those in long distance relationships. In our increasingly tech-savvy world, we'll remember the websites where we first read that Obama clinched the nomination, the brilliant Facebook status your crush wrote on election night and the IM conversation we have while watching the inauguration via TV or computer screen. (Those of us not in DC to witness the events can watch them streamed live on sites like Hulu or Joost.)

Obama's time in office might serve as an interesting milemarker in a relationship. Where will you and your partner be in four years at the end of Obama's term? Will you be engaged? Living together? Will you have kids? Or, will you be with someone entirely new?

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