Morning Quickie: Barack Obama, Hot Or Not?

Buzz, Sex

Porn predictions, Obama's lack of sex-appeal and push presents.

The morning quickie: the perfect way to start your day. Read on for three interesting love and sex tidbits.

In the 1980s Andrea Dworkin predicted that porn would saturate culture and bring out men's animalistic instincts, making them want to rape women. In 2009 Naomi Wolf says Dworkin was right about the saturation thing, but wrong about its effect: the mainstreaming of porn has made men less interested in real-life sex and women feeling like they can never measure up. Hm… [New York]

Is our pectorally-perfect President Obama sexy… or not? Not, says one woman! Wherefore, young blogger? Forsooth, he is too virtuous! [The Frisky]

Push presents: romantic gift that husband gives wife after she pushes out the babe? Or gross, consumerist trend for diamond-fetishists only? One woman writes about why she changed her mind. [Babble]