Jenna Fischer Gets Hot In the Kitchen

Jenna Fischer

The star says one pot cooking made more time for fooling around.

Want to start heating things up in the bedroom? How about starting in the kitchen? Evidently one-pot cooking might be the new foreplay. In a Self magazine article, the editors asked the star of The Office to make some lifestyle changes to live healthier and one of the options was to use a slow cooker to prepare dinner at night. Evidently, having dinner ready when you get home is a definite upgrade! Jenna says, "My boyfriend adored it! We had more time to spend together that evening. Since we didn't have to cook, it left time for hanky-panky!"  Jenna has been dating writer Lee Kirk and it appears that getting up at 5:00 a.m. to load the slow cooker left time for things to get plenty hot when the two got home at night. You know how they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? If that's true, looks like Jenna has discovered that seducing him with food doesn't have to mean hard labor. It also works for men looking to seduce women, too, you know. We do like to eat.

Looking to heat things up in the kitchen? Maybe dig out that Crock Pot and give slow-cooking a try. Cooking together can be really hot and, after all, maybe simmering dinner all day gives you time to really crank up the heat in your love life! Thanks, Jenna. We’ll give this one a try!