Foolproof Way to Resolve Every Argument

couple fighting

Fighting with your man? Use the technique that will end his stay on the couch.

You like to shop, and he likes to save. He likes to smoke, and you like to breath. He wants to pee on you in the shower, but you would rather lather alone. 
Couples inevitably find themselves butting heads from time to time, and some contend that this is healthy as long as fangs remain concealed. Nonetheless, resolving arguments is seldom simple, and so offers a novel service that takes the guesswork out of deciding who is right and who is wrong. 
Settling your argument on is a reasonable way to put an issue to rest once and for all: by promoting you and your guy to communicate, and enlisting a jury of strangers to submit their two cents. We know it may sound a little Jerry Springer. But it's cheaper than therapy and sure beats his mom.
Instead of face-slapping, door-slamming and name-calling, channel the anger from your next argument into creating a free account and entering your side of the story. Best of all, you won't lose your voice or wake the neighbors. And all of your information is entirely anonymous.
As the old cliché goes, every argument has two sides. After you input yours, sends your spouse, boyfriend or friend a link to post their own version. Once both sides are up, users can read your arguments and vote for the side they feel is right. Users can also post advice and comments, which range from helpful to "Deal with it. She's just not that into you."
Your argument will remain open for opinion for up to sixty days—a long stay on the couch—or until you change your story setting to "resolved." Case closed!