JLo Says Divorce Not An Option

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez battles rumors of divorce over not wearing her ring.

Ever know someone who didn't want to wear a wedding ring because it didn’t go with their outfit? Well, neither had we until Jennifer Lopez just came out in defense of her marriage. The star reports that she didn’t wear her wedding ring this past Sunday on the Golden Globes Red Carpet because it didn’t go with her dress. She tells In Touch Weekly that "Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced. That’s crazy. It just didn’t go with the dress. Divorce is not and was never an option."

We know that Jennifer is a total fashionista but not wearing your wedding ring because it didn’t match your evening gown? With virtually thousands of designers clamoring over each other to dress her, wouldn’t she just choose another dress? Isn’t a wedding ring the ultimate fashion accessory because it truly goes with everything? There are lots of excuses for not wearing a wedding ring but 'fashion choice' is a new one for us. You’ve got to sort of take her word for it but this just sounds kind of fishy. The woman has worn mink eyelashes on the red carpet and she wore a gold dress that night that was backless and plunged all the way down the front. How over-the-top of an accessory choice was a wedding ring?

Maybe Jennifer is just taking a quick vacation from her wedding ring. Whatever the case, stay tuned. RingWatch 2009 has evidently begun.