Two Super Bowl Ads You Won’t See This Year


If rubber mammals and extra-marital sex aren’t selling, what is?

When the Bloodhound Gang dutifully clarified "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals," in their ode to the Discovery Channel, they may have been calling out to the wrong network. After all, it was the NFL that recently rejected The Ashley Madison Agency's Super Bowl ad, and revoked its permission to advertise during any NFL game, forever more.

Ashley Madison is a seven-year-old online dating service that connects married people looking for discreet affairs. Ironically, The New York Post recently printed a markedly non-discreet, full-page ad for the agency, which featured an open letter to Eliot Spitzer (get the full Tomfoolery take). 

The CEO of Ashley Madison is hard-pressed to take the NFL's "no" for an answer, calling the rejection of their ad hypocritical. "If the NFL is worried about legislating behavior and regulating what their audience should be exposed to then it should start with a ban on all alcohol advertising and products being sold, not," he told CNBC

Speaking of regulating exposure, a new Durex ad—that is WAY less discreet than the services of Ashley Madison, and even less likely to appear during this year's Super Bowl—is sweeping the web in an online viral marketing campaign. Love Buzz editors are both disturbed (which is difficult) and amused by the "Get It On" campaign, which features a thirty-second rubber-rabbit orgy. We'll never look at a balloon animal—or condom—the same way. Check it out: