Kate Hudson Is On The Prowl?

Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway

Is Kate Hudson with A-Rod? Adam Scott? Are you going to see Bride Wars?

"Oh, Rider, dear, you know you're still number one but mom's they wanna have fun, oh moms, they want to have fun."

It has been an awesome last week for Kate Hudson. First, her Bride Wars flick rakes in $21 million in its first weekend and despite less than charitable reviews should have a pretty decent weekend as there are no new challengers in the rom-com / chick flick space (Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Defiance, not withstanding). Evidently, people can relate to best friends sabotaging each others' weddings out of veneration for some pre-adolescent fantasy.

Then she was, shudder, canoodling with Alex Rodriguez over the weekend per Celebuzz. Perhaps 'canoodling' is too strong of a word. They, A-Rod and Kate Hudson, were reportedly "cozy." And, if memory serves, those New York lounges have limited seating and are incredibly loud, necessitating close sitting and mouth-next-to-ear talking. 'Cozy' appears to be the point of the modern lounge while sweatily dry-humping appears to be the point of the modern nightclub.

Then she was spotted on the beach, according to The Blemish, with an Australian. And not just any beach nor just any old Australian. The beach was in Hawaii and the Aussie was PGA golfing golfer Adam Scott. For shizzle, you don't typically think of golf pros as sexy (unless you're a bored golf widow trying to get revenge on your husband for neglecting you in favor of the links) but Adam Scott is a nice-looking dude.

So, does Kate Hudson have a thing for pro athletes? She did date Lance Armstrong before all of this. To be fair, professional sportsmen do have phenomenal bodies (so we've heard) and typically carry less baggage than entertainers. Could be a good move.

While we're on Bride Wars, according to Yeeeah.com (best celebsite URL ever), Anne Hathaway has moved on with a bloke named Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Psych, he's actor Adam Shulman and some variety of making out between the 2 tipped off the tipster. Since this is sort of the only place that we saw this and they got it from the Daily Mail, we think it's pretty goll-darn dubious.

Any thoughts on who Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway should be dating?

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