Morning Quickie: Questions About Lies & Lust

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How bad are little white lies? How important is initial chemistry? Will Britney be in SATC 2?

The morning quickie: the perfect way to start your day. Read on for three interesting love and sex tidbits.

Are little white lies you tell to your first date actually harmless? [Nerve]

Looking at him in the dark, I wondered who he was and what all this tenderness meant. I had wanted only sex from him before, but now that we had done it, another desire had begun to stir within me, and I felt that dreadful swelling in my chest that always prefigures a monogamous relationship. Glen wasn't really so bad, I thought, watching him snore softly. He was kind and well-intentioned, if not exactly brilliant. And isn't caring and tenderness all that really matters? But — my next thought — could he be trusted

Initial chemistry is important—if you're not attracted to a guy right away you probably won't ever be. [Lemondrop]

Britney Spears might be in the  new Sex and the City movie. Forgive us, but SWOON! [New York Post]

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