Bikini Heard 'Round The World

Buzz, Self

Katrina "Bikini" Darrell advances to the next round of American Idol.

American Idol hopeful Katrina Darrell is the most-searched term on the internet today, for a number of reasons.

1. She wore a bikini to her American Idol tryout.

2. She appeared on the season premiere of America's most-watched TV show.

3. The new judge, Kara DioGuardi, called her a bitch and challenged her to a sing-off.

4. She has a banging body.

The combination of these four factors added up to a golden ticket for the producers of last night's American Idol. The feminist and protective mother in us took issue with the way her segment was portrayed (exposing your body is the path to success, especially if men are deciding it for you), but realistically, her admittance to the next round of the show in Hollywood adds up: Beauty pays.

As judge DioGuardi discovered, as a woman, it's hard to criticize another good-looking woman without seeming jealous or vengeful. In DioGuardi's defense, she was trying to keep the judges' decisions from focusing on Darrell's hot bod instead of her mediocre voice. But, really, why shouldn't regular folks be a little bit angry at the beautiful people of the world? Studies show that things—like jobs and free cab rides—come easier to those with good looks. Men, in particular, can't help falling for physical beauty, but a great set of eyes or abs are not lost on ladies, either. (Did Obama's good looks help him get elected?)

Of course, at the end of the day, a pretty face (or bikini-clad bod) may get you in the door, but it's your smarts, personality or talent that'll get you to the corner office or the end of the competition—in American Idol's case. While other hotties have romanced their way onto AI's stage, the end results prove it's not a beauty contest, and so it is with life and relationships, too.