Relationship News For Real Housewives Of ATL

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Sheree's divorce, NeNe's show, Kim's new dude and DeShawn is out.

We'll be the first to tell you that we know next to nothing about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. We were, somehow and inexplicably, convinced that it was important to find out who Kim's Big Poppa is (was). And since some of us are from Atlanta (or the suburbs thereof), we decided to care but never to watch the show. It's a weird, personal and arbitrary but we feel we miss too much quality television to spend much time on the ladies of the Dirty Dirty.

OK, first off, Sheree Whitfield has decided to stop demanding that the court award her more money from ex-husband big Bob Whitfield. According to Eurweb, Sheree Whitfield stopped the proceedings because old Bob Whitfield had squandered the millions he made playing for the Atlanta Falcons. Let he (she) who has not frittered away a fortune on trifling women, ostentatious purchases and bad business designs cast the first stone (nothing from Michael Vick's corner, we see). She'll have to figure out how to turn her fashion line into gold.

But wait, there's more. According to our homies at The Frisky, this humpy-bumpy is about to get raw like steak tartare, so put your game faces on.

First and foremost, Eric Snow's wife, DeShawn Snow, is off the show. Evidently, she wasn't freaky enough for the ATL three-ring circus. While it's got to be a bummer to miss out on a little TV love, it's gotta be life-saver for any relationship NOT to be on reality TV. Outside of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, has any reality TV relationship survived? We’re pretty sure that even Mike and The Miz (The Real World) have split up.

Nextly, Kim Zolciak may have a new dude. Think best dad ever and then think ankle bracelet.

Plus NeNe Leakes will likely have her own show at some point in the future (her relationship if fine, as far as we know).

Also, Lisa Wu Hartwell seems to be just chilling for the moment. Fun fact, Lake Hartwell and the Savannah River separate Georgia from South Carolina.

And finally, DeShawn Snow may be replaced by the wife of a famous Atlantan singer… YEAH! (Hint: It's not Lil Jon.)

Click on that link to The Frisky for more details.

We're all probably dumber for having thought about, read about and watched anything to do with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. We suppose a little Inside The Actors Studio can counteract this, right? To some degree? Uh, what about Top Chef? Uh, Tim Gunn? Fine, not everything has to make you smart, OK?