Idol Minds: Cook Splits Up, DioGuardi Engaged

David Cook
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David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell breakup and Kara DioGuardi is engaged.

Dammit, Roger. Dammit! According to Just Jared, American Idol 2008 winner David Cook is back on the mother-fathering prowl. You may know David Cook as the singer who took down sweet David Archuleta to win the 2008 American Idol, but he's also a ladies man and landed a young Idol also-ran named Kimberly Caldwell.

According to our figures, David Cook started dating the Season 2 seventh placer on the red carpet of the 2008 (Season 7) American Idol finale. That was roughly last May (or a solid 4 years ago in celebrity relationship time). Evidently, their whatever-they-had was a nice break from the trappings of instant fame on Cook's part and all the hustle on Caldwell's part.

But all that is over and has been since before the holidays. We can imagine that instant fame / hustling to stay famous has to be a major burden on a burgeoning relationship. Don't cry for Kimberly Caldwell, though. She's staying incredibly busy. She has a game show, a reality talent contest and likely a few slasher films/ cable TV shows. And David Cook has a nation-wide tour coming up. Maybe he'll have time to swing by Phoenix and make a move on the American Idol bikini girl Katrina Darrell. Failing that (yeah right), he and Ryan Seacrest could probably birddog some groupies in West Hollywood.

Neither guy will likely be dating the "controversial" new 4th judge. While the rest of America was all "Man, somehow they merged Simon with Paula, and we're strangely attracted to it/ her," judge Kara DioGuardi was secretly engaged to a fellow named Mike McCuddy. The 2 got betrothed back in December 2008 according to Celebglitz. Ideally, the songwriter machine will be grounded enough to keep a contractor around when she gets that American Idol fame. Ryan Seacrest got to/ had to date Teri Hatcher for Simon's sake.

Anyone out there know who David Archuleta is dating? Is he dating that Hermione (Emma Watson) from Harry Potter yet? Unfortunately for some, the Season 7 American Idol runner-up turned 18 a few weeks ago, which means goodbye tween groupies (Archies, as it were) and hello cougars. Good times all the way around.

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