Amy Winehouse In Ugly Divorce

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil wants a divorce on grounds of adultery by Amy Winehouse.

Evidently, Blaaaaaaake has had enough. The rumors and intimations and scandals have really, really offended Blake Fielder-Civil's sensitive sensibilities. According to HuffPo (that's what the kids are calling the Huffington Post, FYI), BF-C filed for divorce from the anachronistic pop star Amy Winehouse on grounds of adultery. The oft-beehived one has been allegedly getting frisky with some bohonk named Josh Bowman (though Bild say that ship has also sailed) in the Caribbean.

And one thing that Blake (or any of the Fielder-Civils, for that matter) will not abide by is infidelity. He probably had dozens of chance to cheat on Amy when he was in the big house for hooliganism (and bribery, perversion of justice and loutishness), but he didn't (to our knowledge).

The star-crossed lovers have been married going on 2 years, but much of that has been spent in stupor and turmoil. And DListed says quotes Amy Winehouse as saying old Blake was bringing less than the thunder in the sack department. Them's fightin' words, devochka.

And this b*tch is about to turn into a Blake Fielder-Civil War as it's rumored that the ex-con is looking for a decent share of Amy Winehouse's roughly $15 million fortune. Uh, good luck with that, prestoopnick. Though Heather Mills did walk with thick stacks of cutter, he'll be lucky to get a single Sterling instead of nailed with an ASBO* incarceration.

Thoughts? Are we going to see Team Wino tube dresses and Team Fielder-Civil wife-beaters? Or will these 2 reconcile?

*Anti-Social Behaviour Order

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