Morning Quickie: Unexpected Divorce Rate Stat


The unexpected statistics on divorce rate for second marriages. Plus: asexuality.

The morning quickie: the perfect way to start your day. Read on for three interesting love and sex tidbits.

Interesting: the rate of divorce for second marriages is ten percent higher than it is for first marriages. Does getting divorced once make it easier to end a marriage a second time? Are some people just more likely to split up? [Psychology Today]

A marriage counselor writes in his blog (called Barbeque Ribs) about intimacy with yourself. He says that often when people feel they've lost their connection with their spouse, that they don't have the passion they once had, they've actually lost touch with themselves:

Love and intimacy almost always disappear in a relationship when we abandon ourselves by judging ourselves, by ignoring our feelings, and by making others responsible for our sense of worth... I have often found in my work that as a person starts to treat themselves with the love and valuing that they have always sought form others - when they become intimate with themselves - they find themselves experiencing intimacy with their spouse. A marriage they thought was over becomes renewed with the love that they had been seeking from someone else.

[Barbeque Ribs]

Asexuality really exists—check out this report on Nerve—but Fox News' sexpert says that people often go through periods of time when they're just not into making love—either with themselves or with other people, so if you've lost interest in getting it on, "don’t be so quick to chalk yourself up as asexual. Everyone is different when it comes to experiences with sex, relationships, attraction, desire and arousal. And this is definitely impacted by biological, psychological, and social factors, as well as opportunity." [Fox News, Nerve]