Couple Married In Taco Bell


Low-cost weddings redefined when crafty young couple gets hitched in fast food chain.

When it comes to wedding costs, many a bride-to-be knows that the venue can eat up a large chunk of the budget.

To save money and "stress," a couple of lovebirds in Illinois decided to marry in their local Taco Bell. The unique location was "appropriate" for the couple's "offbeat relationship," according to the groom, Paul Brooks, 30. Not only did the pair already share a last name, Paul and his Australian-born bride Caragh Brooks, 21, lived on different continents when they met on an online dating site and began a nine-month long distance courtship, according to the Daily Mail.

Many couples venture into long distance territory—most often months or years into a romance. That Paul and Caragh started their relationship virtually adds a romantic element of years gone by. Instead of sending telegrams or writing love letters, the couple chatted via phone and webcam before Caragh moved to be with her love in Normal, Ill., a town 120 miles southwest of Chicago. The London paper quoted Paul as saying, "We have the same brain, just in two bodies."

There were other nontraditional touches to the union besides the wedding locale (the manager said he never in his life expected to see a wedding in his restaurant). Caragh wore a $15 pink dress and a friend of the couple, clad in a T-shirt, married them after having been ordained online. The total cost of the wedding—Taco Bell's signature tacos and burritos included—came to $200.

No word on where the couple will honeymoon, but their recession-friendly wedding surely leaves them with more financial wiggle room than a lavish affair might have. Like the British couple that collected trash to pay for their honeymoon, the Brooks represent the trend for marrying couples to eschew tradition and celebrate their vows on their own terms.