Drew Barrymore Fed Up With Modern Love

drew barrymore
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The interweb screws up everything for Drew Barrymore.

Stop us if you've heard this one before. Drew Barrymore thinks modern romance in general and hers in particular is being ruined by the interweb and technology. According to Contact Music, the former child star, current adult star and one-day older star thinks that there is just too much info out there about people. From their Spacebooks to their MyFaces and even to their Twister accounts, bloges and Flippr page, it’s too easy to learn about people without ever meeting.

The starlet and now director (Whip It good) is even a little freaked (out) by the advent of the text message. She yearns for a simpler time, when letters took weeks to traverse the prairies and "phoning home" was something for aliens. But nowadays, if someone is, say, watching the Golden Globes and thinks a star's haircut is ridiculous, they can send a note to his paramour instantly… "Don't get same do as Firestarter, pleze." She'd, obviously, like that to stop.

We wonder if the real reason that Drew B isn't into the interwebs, is that she seems to inspire lots of magical gossip. She dated Justin Long for a bit. And it seems like you can't swing a copy of The Wedding Singer without bumping into rumor of her dating someone or the other. ??After "I'm A Mac" for a minute or 2, she was rumored to be dating Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and later there was a rumor that she was crushing on Kevin Connolly (Entourage's E) though he was just not that into her (so says the rumor). She's got eclectic tastes in the menfolk and at almost 34 years of age has plenty of time to track down her Mr. Quirk-some, interwebs be damned.

Speaking of Kevin Connolly, according to Stupid Celebrities, his ex-girlf, Nicky Hilton has become engaged. The heiress and responsible one has been dating TV guy David Katzenberg for one year and they're going to make it all very official. Good deal. You may remember that Nicky Hilton was once briefly married to a guy named Todd Meister. Somewhere Rob Schneider is kicking himself for not knowing that. Roy Schneider, on the other hand, probably wouldn't have cared.

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