Morning Quickie: A Secret Aphrodisiac


The economy may be affecting your marriage, Oprah's foreplay chart, and a new aphrodisiac.

The morning quickie: the perfect way to start your day. Read on for three interesting love and sex tidbits.

The economy is putting strain on marriage. You may not realize it's happening to you:

Many couples seeking counseling don't initially associate their problems with the economy, says Chris Tuell, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Cincinnati.

Rather, couples complain about anxiety, depression and increased anger, "then you look at some of the stresses," Tuell says, "and one of the first ones they mention is the economic issue." Detroit Free Press

Check out Oprah's sex chart—you and your partner label your preferred foreplay steps on a chart and compare what you like with what your partner thinks you like. Could be cheesy and awkward, but if you actually do it—and it seems like it'd only take ten minutes—it could really help you connect with each other in the bedroom. The Frisky.

Women are aroused by the smell of men's sex sweat. A good excuse to not wash your sheets. Lemondrop.

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