Grey's Anatomy Recap: Izzie Has Two Boyfriends


Grey's Anatomy recap: Meredith and Derek are blissful and Izzie tells Alex about Denny.

Grey's Anatomy is back! The first 2009 episode of TV's relationship soap opera disguised as a medical drama opened with a lovelorn-no-longer Meredith talking about wishes. In the episode's voice-over intro newly-boyfriended Meredith asks if, when we get something we wished for, "Is it as good as we hoped? Do we bask in the warm glow of our happiness? Or do we just notice that we've got a long list of other wishes waiting to be wished?" The answer, of course, varies according to whom you ask.

Meredith has gotten her wish and, at least for this episode, it's exactly what she wanted. The episode opens with Der and Mer's morning quickie and ends with the twosome "dancing it out." Christina introduced Meredith to this steam-letting ritual but now the friends are fighting. Luckily Derek and his dorky boogie are there to lend a hand. (Or foot.)

Izzie also gets her wish, in a somewhat roundabout way. She tells boyfriend Alex that she sees and has sex with her dead ex-boyfriend. Alex takes it surprisingly well; sure his girlfriend is regularly humping a ghost but it's all part of the grieving process, right? This leaves Izzie in a strange, but seemingly satisfying, open relationship: she's got two boyfriends she loves, one of whom happens to be dead.

Who knows what Christina wishes for? Sure, she wants to be top-dog surgeon, but does that cold heart of hers also yearn for love? In last night's episode crazy Iraq-war-veteran-doctor Owen tries to prop up Christina during her fight with Meredith but Ms. First Solo Surgery won't lean on anyone; she tells Own she's tired of his hot-and-cold response.

Mark Sloan spent most of the episode wishing to have sex with Lexie and denying himself the pleasure. Lexie is Meredith's younger sister whom, you'll remember, seduced Sloan by taking off her clothes and saying "teach me"—great line for a young innocent trying to bed an experienced but evasive elder. In the end Mark gives in and takes Lexie home. He gets his wish, but did he really want it?

Cassie is still crushing on Sadie and at the episode's end it's not clear if she succumbs or stays strong. Nothing, not even sex with Mark, can get Cassie's mind off the appendix-less intern, so, alas, she'll probably fall victim to Sadie's flirting ways.

Love Buzz wishes that Izzie would dump Denny, that Mark and Lexie would become a couple and that Cassie would like someone else—she's way cooler than Sadie. Readers, what do you wish for?