I'd Like A Divorce And My Kidney Back, Please


If you think having to divide up assets in a divorce is bad, check out this story.

Listen ladies. Be careful what valuable gifts you accept in a marriage. Whether it be a home, car, yacht, internal organ, whatever.

Just be very careful.

You never know when the relationship may sour and your once loving husband will want to slice you open demand the item back in full. Literally.

An estranged Long Island wife, Dawnell Batista, is learning this the hard way. Richard Batista, her surgeon husband of almost 20 years (the two wed in 1990, but have been enraptured in a 4-year divorce), wants the kidney he donated to her back.

Or $1.5 million. Which ever she can cough up first. He's not picky.

Dawnell, he says, started having an affair with her physical therapist about two years after Richard donated her the kidney in 2001 when she was suffering from kidney failure. Richard saw the kidney as a way to not only save her life but mend their marriage, he said. It was a band-aid kidney!

This ludicrous request is a "last resort" due to her petty behavior during the divorce. He hates all this publicity (HA!) but hasn't seen his three children, ages 14, 11, and 8, in months.

Before any of you get mental images of a wrapped organ being delivered to the Batista household, be comforted in the fact Richard won't get the kidney. He probably won't even get any money, and most likely he knows this. Divorce lawyers argue the kidney is "not marital property, not a marital asset you can put a price tag on."

Or as Manhattan attorney Susan Moss said, "The good doctor is out of luck and out a kidney."