Hugh Hefner Adds Another New Girlfriend

Hugh Hefner

The eternal Playboy adds Crystal Harris to his new group of girlfriends.

Well, it appears that the Playboy Mansion has now seen full turnover. The New York Daily News reports that centerfold Crystal Harris is now Hef’s new girlfriend, in addition to 19 year-old twins Kristin and Karissa Shannon. The era of The Girls Next Door appears to be over, as it appears his last batch of reality-famed girlfriends, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt have all moved out and moved on.  The article goes on to hint that additional girlfriends might be added, with Harris reporting from the mansion on E!'s site, saying, “there are a couple that we have interest in. ... As for now, it is just us three.”

We expect Hefner is happy with his new arrangements and will live out his days until what we imagine his preferred method of death occurs: death by suffocation under a pile of silicone-enhanced blonde centerfolds. 

Hefner is by his own admission an eternal bachelor and I imagine the girls in the house know that they all have an inevitable shelf life. After Hef left his last wife, centerfold Kimberly Conrad, he has had a revolving stream of girlfriends in the house, including the last three who wound up being cast in the E! reality series, The Girls Next Door. After his relationship with his last main girlfriend Holly Madison ended with her leaving the house after a dispute over marriage and children, Hef seems determined to make up for lost time, gathering all the pretty young things the octogenarian can find to fill the void.

No doubt the parties in the famous Grotto will continue and it will be interesting to see what happens. We do hope that none of these girls follow Holly’s error by getting too attached. Hef is not the marrying kind and men like this usually let you know up front what you’re getting yourself into. We just hope that they’re paying attention.