Kelly Rutherford: Preggo & Divorcing

Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch

Lily van der Woodsen is in a predicament involving irreconcilable differences.

Our favorite concerned but woefully under-prepared debutante TV mom is having a hard time of it in real life. Not that we watch Gossip Girl, but we love Lily van der Woodsen. You may know Lily van der Woodsen as the graceful, capricious mother of Eric and Serena van der Woodsen, but in real life Kelly Rutherford is a sacrificing mom. In fact, she has breastfed her son Hermes until he was 2. First of all, that kid will always have nice scarves, which she can use to cover herself while she gives him his lunch in 4th grade. And secondly, she says that the breastfeeding keeps her thin, which is the opposite of what we've always heard.

But all of that is moot. According to iVillage, the actress is in a bit of a bind. She is both 3-month pregnant and in the midst of a divorce. Apparently her deal with husband Daniel Giersch was so broken that she would rather run the next 6 months on the solo tip than stay married to the rich German. She must be really mad about something. Notice that we assume that she's really peeved about something but if he were to do the splitting we'd all just assume that he was an insensitive j-hole. Sweet double-standard, ya'll.

On the divorce action, Kelly Rutherford used the old irreconcilable differences rationale. Which means either that she was sick of hearing about how he made all of his big money or she felt he wasn't thoroughly enough impressed that she played a rich person on TV. Whatever the case, this baby is going to need a daddy. And it's just too bad that Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey on Gossip Girl) is taken. They'd make a real nice real life couple. Hell, she'd be great with Sandy Peter Gallagher (play's Rufus Humphrey's analogue, Sandy Cohen, from The OC) but he's been married since '83.

Any thoughts on who's going to raise this baby? And is the irony lost on anyone that she married a really rich guy in real life and on TV? Is life imitating art, again? Let's add her to the Padma Lakshmi Husband Drive and see what shakes out.

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