Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged?

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Though 'just friends,' Rihanna and Chris Brown may be engaged.

What the what? According to Bossip, Chris Breezy and RiRi may be on the way to man and wifey. Per a source (always a bad sign, the word "source," especially when it's from The Sun), Chris Brown hit Rihanna (the Barbadian beauty) with a bit of sparkle the size of a chicken egg on New Year's Eve. Disturbia-ed? You should be.

Bossip is no fan of Rihanna and are more-or-less over the singing Pixie cut, yet we have a feeling that they sort of dig Chris Brown. So, it comes as no surprise that they think this is crazy puppy love on his part and a plot to stay relevant on hers. As we've discussed a few times before, staying relevant (i.e. selling records and concert tickets) is actually better accomplished by not getting married. Most recording artists (especially one's known for their sex appeal) lose a little cache with the horny teen fan (and the real Britney Spears fans, 40-year old, perpetually single men) when they go off the market.

??The Sun, though, does have some pics of her diamond clad ring finger, so the whole thing seems plausible. All of this despite the fact that they keep insisting that they're just friends. "Just friends" sometimes eat late-night Taco Bell, "just friends" occasionally sing heartfelt duets (yeah, friends can listen to "Endless Love" in the dark) but "just friends" do not make out in swimming pools nor do "just friends" give each other engagement rings unless there is some skullduggery afoot.

We don't care what anyone else says, these guys are shady and Chris Brown is in over his head. We are already sad for the day when Breezy says to himself, "Did I really get married when I was 19? I'm a huge star. Chicks dig me. What was I thinking, guy? Yeah, Rihanna is hot but she could be in it for the tracks, dude. And why have one 9, when I could have like 7 7s every night."

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown will really get married? If so, do you think it will last? If it does last a while, any thoughts on album sales??? We think the whole thing is shady times 5.

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