Criss Angel Meets the Parents

Criss Angel

Holly Madison introduces her illusionist beau to her parents.

In further Tales of Desperation, Holly Madison has introduced her magician/illusionist beau Criss Angel to her parents.  According to our friends at The Superficial, the ill-advised meeting went down over dessert at Fix Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, where they enjoyed copious amounts of chocolate desserts and beverages (ostensibly to wash down the stomach pains of this meeting, no doubt) and the illusionist picked up the tab.

One can only imagine how well this meeting went down. Holly has just left a relationship with Hollywood’s most notorious eternal playboy, Hugh Hefner, who has multiple girlfriends and wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t start a family with her. Now she’s involved with a Vegas illusionist with a playboy past and she’s in a mad dash to get him to marry her so she can be engaged like her friend, fellow Playmate and former Hef girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson. Holly's parents have a daughter who, since she couldn’t have what she wanted with her last gem of a man, has pinned all her hopes on the next guy she happened to date. What kind of conversation happened back at the hotel that night you wonder? Did they ask her to move home? Did they offer to become her guardians again until she can make decent decisions? Did they drug her and put her in the car and take her out of Vegas? Inquiring minds want to know.

Holly, I beseech you: just because you couldn’t have everything with your last boyfriend does not mean you should pin all your pain and hopes for the future on your rebound guy. This is like vacation sex, honey. You go, you have fun, you leave and no one is the wiser. You don’t stay on vacation and marry the dude who works at the resort. You move on, healed and happy and ready to move on in your life. It appears you are trying to make Criss into something that he might not be. Making him a paper ring and introducing him to your parents is a cry for help and I'm betting if you're honest with yourself, you will agree. 

It’s appears it's time to go home from the circus, sweetie. Move on, take some time and figure out how you keep picking guys like this. You’ll be happier in the long run rather than what appears to be happening, which is that you are headed for a huge mistake.