Everlasting Beer Goggles


Alcohol really does help less attractive men get laid. Even after we've sobered up.

Nobody will ever discount the scientific phenomenon of beer goggles. Being more open to less than stellar sexual options is, unfortunately, as common a side effect from drinking as frequent bathroom breaks. But who would've thought those beer-infested nights would leave a permanent aftertaste on who we find attractive long after the martinis have worn off.

According to a study by researchers in Canada's Lakehead University women who consume an average amount of alcohol (40 drinks or so a month) are less adept at distinguishing facial symmetry—one of the biggies of attractiveness. The study gathered up 45 non-alcoholic social drinkers and showed them pictures of 60 male faces. Each were shown in pairs, with one face being more symmetrical than the other. The results overwhelmingly indicated the more the woman had drank in the last six months the crappier they were at perceiving symmetry.

Scientists think alcohol alters a person's ability to see and appreciate symmetry, which may be one of the reasons why everyone looks so damn good looking after one too many glasses of wine.

For women, alcohol may actually change the brain structure and decrease their visual perception abilities. Seeing as this is the first study to question and analyze such things, researchers still don't know if the effects are permanent or how long after not drinking they continue.

No wonder men are so overzealous in feeding us drinks. It's an evolutionary tactic the human race all but depends on for procreation and survival.  Vodka, more important in helping us find true love and acceptance than we ever, ever thought.