A Single Man's New Years Resolution

A Single Man's New Years Resolution

So here I am on the day before New Years Eve, deep in contemplation over what is to become of 2010, A year I hope to be full of new revelations and changes to my life. Of course, change is an  inevitability, though in most cases the changes come without prior planning.

The one real motivation for 2010's Resolution is ultimately to rid myself of the "Single" status, naturally but this time I feel like I'm ready to go about this in a roundabout (and a more constructive) way.
The greatest pressure I've always placed upon myself, is really just throwing myself out there into the market, unprepared and subconsciously unwilling. Sure, a lot of people say that other people should just like you for who you are. But then, what happens if you yourself don't actually like the way you are?
If there's no joy or positivity in your life, then it's hard to demonstrate that positivity and joy to others. I'm not saying my life is depressive, far from it. I am joyous from time to time, and am usually found to have a warm, sunny disposition. But I still find myself lacking in places. Aspects of my life feel unfulfilled or dilapidated.

So as I was saying, the goal in it's entirety is to be in a solid, rewarding and happy relationship, and to do that I am going to build on those parts of my life that could better reinforce me as a person.
It's not just about being more presentable to the opposite sex, but more about being congruent with how I wish to be with a woman and to overall improve my viability. Now it's not clear how long it would take to make these improvements, but I have the will and resolve to do it.

The aspects themselves are simple but would improve things in my life greatly. I think with a lot of peoples New Years Resolutions, weight-loss is one of them. I mean, I’m not fat, I’m 6'2" and 200lbs, but I do have a “leetle” tire that could do with getting rid of. Better care of myself is a must though, so general fitness.
I need to move to a different place. I've been living in the same shoe-box apartment for the last two years and it really doesn't help me with my business at all. I need a house of my own. It feels as if my life is growing bigger and bigger so I need new space to compensate.
My mind has been all over the place lately too, wandering through the past and mulling over the future. It’s driving me crazy. To remedy that though I plan on taking up a martial art, to give my life and my mindset greater discipline.
And then  finally to be more proactive with life in general, the small things that I tend to overlook. It seems to me that I've lost touch with the world a little, too tired to go out after work that I become a recluse.
It's ridiculous how little time I have for the little things these days considering I live in a coastal tourist town. The whole world has been buzzing around me and all I've been doing is swatting it away.

So there you have it, my goals. It's perhaps not the greatest of lists, I'm sure there are parts that are missing , though I think with most of them, if I sort one thing out the rest should fall into place.
We'll see how it goes.