Billboard Bachelor Finds Love


Millionaire Tom Felterstein looked for love via an interstate highway billboard.

Tom Feltenstein wasn't afraid to put himself out there to find love—he put himself on I-95. On a billboard. And it worked. 

Turns out Tom's new wife, Cindy, never actually saw the billboard—which read "Have Maid, Have Money, Would Love a Honey." (Oh, Tom.) Lemondrop: Spurned Dude Places Sex Ad on Craigslist

The couple told Florida news channel WPTV that they met by chance instead in Palm Beach, when their dogs started playing together. (Anyone else think this is starting to sound like a Diane Lane movie?)
"I think you just put yourself in the proper places and if the right one comes along, God bless it," Feltenstein told the TV station. 
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Written by Jeanne Sager for Lemondrop.

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