Who Should The Taylors Date Next?

Buzz, Heartbreak

Now that Swift and Lautner have gone their separate ways, we suggest new red-carpet arm candy.

Just before we wipe the slate clean and head into 2010, we got some devastating news: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have ended their three-month romance. And while it doesn't make us quite so sad as Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins calling the whole thing off, we hate to think of those two pretty little ponies sitting home alone on New Year's Eve, no one to kiss, no one's name to write floridly on a Trapper Keeper. So in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, here are a few suggested rebounds for both. How To Start Anew In Your Relationship This Year

For Taylor Swift:

Shia LaBeouf: He's young, cute, and successful, and would add a little danger to her squeaky-clean image. Although maybe she should do the driving.

Justin Gaston: We know that Miley Cyrus's underwear-model ex is cool with keeping his hands off the younger ladies, but Miss Swift is a grown-up 20, and she deserves a little man candy, yes?

Taylor Locke: The 25-year-old guitarist for Rooney is a shaggy-haired dreamboat, and in addition to sharing a name, he and T-Swift are both guitar nerds. Even if they don't date, we’d like to see him do a little producing on her next album, maybe indie it up a little and convince her to stop writing lyrics about how boys should notice nerds like her.

Connor Paolo: The Gossip Girl star is a year her junior, but they would be so adorable together, right?!

Tristan Wilds: The 90210 actor was most recently linked with Rihanna, but we're pretty sure he's single now. He recently finished shooting a film about the Tuskegee Airmen in the Czech Republic, so meshing their workaholic schedules might be difficult, but that's what sexting is for.

But definitely not: Nick Jonas. Hooking up with her ex-boyfriend's little brother would be just bad idea jeans.