Why Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Broke Up


Age, ego, the media or just chemistry: eight theories why the two Taylors called it quits.

  1. Age difference: She's 20, he's 18; and let's face it: women are so much more mature than men at that age (and nearly any age).  Older Woman, Younger Man: Can It Work?
  2. Travel: "They became good friends and then went out a few times, but he lives in L.A. and she lives in Nashville and their busy schedules kept it from becoming more than it was," says a source. Like any celebrity couple, travel happens, and it can break up the strongest of couples." In this case, however, travel arrangements became symptomatic of perhaps unbalanced feelings. Per Us Weekly: "He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn't travel much to see him."
  3. Publicity: You've got to admit: It's the right amount of time to be apart before they rekindle their romance for Valentine's Day promotion.
  4. Ego: Everybody thinks Taylor Swift is the sweetest, most innocent creature in the world. But appearances are deceiving, and she's had a lot happen to her this year that can change her character. Could it be that she has just outgrown Taylor Lautner? That he isn't a big enough star for her? Unlikely, but a possibility.
  5. Unbalanced feelings: Sad, but probably true, and confirmed by an Us Weekly source: "He liked her more than she liked him." Kind of breaks your heart when you watch the SNL clip below of Taylor Lautner's monologue. What a sweetheart, knocking off a dummy Kanye face.

Photo via Fame Pictures.