Is Tiger Really The Story Of The Year/Decade?

Tiger Woods
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Is a famous guy's infidelity really a big deal?

The story that has dominated the last month of this past decade is, of course, Tiger Woods. The most important athlete of the 21st century is the focal point of a story that started with a wrecked Escalade, segued into a potential female-on-male instance of domestic violence and culminated with the revelation that Tiger has been poppin' gals on the side like it's nobody's business.

Once the schist hit the fan and the fun-time ladies began crawling out of the woodwork, all hell broke loose. Everyone who was anyone had an opinion, and Tiger became the biggest villain since I can't say. But what's the big deal? Powerful men cheat. And there are numerous reasons why we shouldn't be at all surprised that this particular man did the deed.

First of all, Tiger is really into himself. There's a story harkening back to his days at Stanford, in which he was denied entry into a bar because he was underage. He then told the doorman, "C'mon, I'm the Tiger!" (Sigh.) Biology also factors into the saga. At some level, we're all animals. And men of great stature sometimes have much more testosterone than the rest of us average Josephs. Did Tiger Cheat Because Of Bad Sex With Elin?

Finally, opportunity plays a big factor. I'm firmly convinced that more men would cheat if IT was constantly thrown at them, especially if said IT was nice-looking and smelled faintly of vanilla. Sorry, He's Tired Of Having Sex With You

So why did the Tiger story became THE story of 2009—or perhaps even the decade? Because we really like feeling superior, especially to golden gods who, by most measures, are clearly superior to us. Also, he seems like a bit of a dork and we don't really seem to know that much about him. In summary, cheating isn't cool and moral relativism is mostly bullsh but is a rich, very successful golfer creeping on his foreign wife really the biggest story we can find?

Please check out the video above for Mars/ Venus' John Gray's take on the Tiger.

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