Love Bytes: Embrace The Walk Of Shame

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"Meggings," the golden ratio of female beauty, and hot guys with babies.

10 must-click love and relationship links: 

Researchers have found the "golden ratio," or ideal facial feature arrangement, of feminine beauty. Read on to find out which female celebrity has the most ideal face, according to mathematics. [Asylum]

What makes a good boyfriend? College Candy describes the five qualities every good lover has in common. [CollegeCandy]

Nothing sullies a night of abandon like to walking back home the next day while still wearing the previous night's sequined cocktail dress. Ladies, it's time we embraced the walk of shame. [Divine Caroline]

Ovulation inducer: 11 super hot guys toting around their super cute celebrity babies [The Frisky]

Last week, Charlie Sheen reportedly held his wife, Brooke Mueller, at knifepoint. While police are still investigating Mueller's panicked 911 phone call, another pressing question remains: why do women keep marrying Charlie Sheen? [PopEater]

Love indie romance flicks? Check out the top 10 lessons in love we could learn from Sundance Film Festival favorites. [Em and Lo]

If you're dating someone who loves to laugh, send him this weird and funny image as a token of your affection. [Buzzfeed]

Ah, memories: The Huffington Post outlines this decade's most iconic celebrity sex tapes. [HuffPo]

As much as we love gender-bending fashion, we hope these 5 "girly-man trends" will quickly go out of style. [Cosmopolitan]

Thanks in part to Gordon Ramsey, David Chang (of NYC's Momofuku fame) and Chef Duff from Ace of Cakes, men have began taking over the kitchen, and women aren't as relieved as expected. [Double X]