Is Hailey Glassman Going To Jail?


Or has Glassman been framed by the fame-hungry Gosselin?

Oh, Jon. We thought we were done reading news items containing the Gosselin family name. Then you accused ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman of trashing your apartment. On Christmas.


When we first read about the incident, we knew only that your apartment had been ransacked—with some items taken and others destroyed—and that there had been a note, calling you a cheater and signed by Hailey Glassman, stuck to the bedroom dresser with a butcher knife. Reading the statement from your lawyer, we even pitied you:

...the greatest damage from this vicious, mean spirited and heartless crime was perpetrated not on Jon's property and possessions, but on Jon Gosselin himself, who experienced a traumatic, emotional, roller coast ride having just shared a joyful family gathering with his children during their Christmas Celebration and the last thing that Jon contemplated when entering his New York City apartment, on what is suppose to be a Season that heralds in peace and goodwill, was to be devastated by such a cruel and cold-blooded act that was apparently intended to cut to his heart.

But things are not always what they seem. (Especially when it comes to "celebrities," the tabloids, and extreme incidences of fame-chasing.)

Yesterday, your lawyer told RadarOnline that "Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It's as simple as that." But Glassman's lawyer retaliated by calling such a statement unprofessional: "It is irresponsible to put out there someone is going to jail when the person is not even a suspect."

Because—wait for it—police are considering the possibility that you trashed your own apartment in a bid for more publicity.

At this point, we're worried (though "worried" is a bit of an overstatement) that you've completely ruined your chances of ever having a healthy relationship. For your sake, we hope that you're not using this latest breakup as a pawn in the fame game.