When Is The Most Convenient Time To Break Up?


Should you plan breakups or just get them over with?

Consider, if you will, two breakups: The Frisky: I Want You To Dump Me

Bachelor #1, a summer romance, invited me on to his parents' motor boat. It was the day after we'd slept together for the first time and I thought we were having a lovely date. But this jerk puttered into the middle of Long Island Sound, stopped the boat's engine, and then, as the boat was rocking back and forth in the waves, dumped me. Then he puttered the boat back to the marina, deposited me on a pier, and left, presumably to get in his car and drive himself home. Shocked doesn't even begin to describe how I felt! 'Did he REALLY take me on a boat in the middle of Long Island Sound just to break up with me? What a psycho!' I said to myself, as I called someone to come pick me up. The Frisky: When A Bad Gift Reveals An Even Worse Relationship

Bachelor #2 and I dated long-distance for eight months and had power struggles/arguments the whole time. One weekend I traveled to see him, schlepping my suitcase via train and taxi cab. We had sex and then bickered about something. We ordered takeout for dinner and bickered about something else. As the sushi arrived, Bachelor #2 told me hated our constant arguing and he broke up with me; he asked me to pack up my bags and leave. So, I did. The Frisky: Where Are You On The Doomed Relationship Chart?

Is there a proper protocol to "planning" a breakup? Or should all breakups be just like Band-Aids—rip it off quickly and painfully and it's all over? The Frisky: 9 Ridiculous Reasons Men And Women End Relationships

I think you should just get breakups over with—really, anything else makes you look like a liar. Getting dumped by Bachelor #1 would have been painful no matter what, but planning it ahead of time under the auspices of a motor boat ride just felt totally insincere. With Bachelor #2,  I was pissed off that I'd paid money to travel to see him, and that we'd just had sex before he dumped me. But at least he made his feelings clear and got it over with quickly. The Frisky: Crying In Public