Katy Perry And Russell Brand Might Be Engaged

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
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Did Santa Russell bring young Katy a shiny new diamond ring this Christmas?

Just last week, whispers of a possible romance between Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson started floating around after the two were seen partying together at a karaoke club. But Katy nipped those rumors in the bud by tweeting, "I don't do vampires, but I do, DO @rustyrockets." (In case you're unsure, "rustyrockets" is Russell Brand's Twitter handle. Yep. Seriously.)

Further proof that Katy and Russell's three-month-old relationship is still solid came in the form of Katy's holiday trip to England. In the days leading up to Christmas, the two were spotted looking very much like a happy couple: sledding and frolicking in the snow, taking in a football game, cozying up together in a London café, and going on an old-fashioned movie date (with Avatar as the flick of choice).

But according to the The Daily Mirror, things got even more serious when Russell proposed and Katy said yes. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this goss seems on the level. After all, Rusty Rockets was spotted checking out engagement rings at Cartier recently and just bought fancy new digs. He also proclaimed in an interview earlier this month that he's "never felt more settled and happy" and that he is looking forward to getting married and having kids. And to top it all off, the former ladies' man just tweeted that he's finally retired his "famous, hedonistic hot tub." We guess that's akin to a regular Joe throwing out his little black book, so it must be serious! Dudes Not Really Afraid Of Commitment

The Mirror's source dishes,

Russell knows Katy's the one for him. He's never been into a girl like he has with her, and they're besotted...They don't know when the wedding will be, but they are planning to make it in 2010 if the schedules can work...Everyone in the pair's close circle know about the engagement.

Although Katy's hot for Russell, his taste in jewelry leaves her a little cold. The insider says that the songstress didn't like the ring Russell picked out for her, revealing, "Katy's stylist friend and Russell's people have been quietly making inquiries for the couple so they can find exactly what they want." 

Well, if we know Katy like we think we do, we're sure that the words "simple" and "understated" have no place in the ring design talks. That thing is bound to be the size of Adam Lambert's head and ten times as fierce. How To Get The Ring You Want

Scoop via Wonderwall. Photo via FlynetPictures.com.