His New Obsession: Beerfume?

Woman with Beer
Love, Sex

Chemists have developed a beer-derived perfume; can it work even better than pheromones?

Make room on your perfume shelf for a new product! 

Chemists in Seattle (natch) have developed a green byproduct of the beer brewing process, a personal scent created from the sludge that is created during beer making. The line, called Eos, is a carbon-neutral perfume product with versions for both women and men. The Scent of Attraction

This is not the first time developers have gone off the traditional scent menu. Last year Burger, King debuted a perfume called FLAME, said to be the intersection "where fire meets desire." Their pitch? "The Whopper sandwich is America's favorite burger. Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat." How well did Burger King cologne sell in NYC?

Now, scent has been studied and touted as the foundation of attraction by many experts (check out Rachel He rz's The Scent of Desire), but we wonder if anything can really compete with good old Mother Nature's perfume. Admittedly, a hint of beer or burger couldn't possibly hurt one's dating success and general attractiveness factor with the opposite sex, but should one lay it on so heavily that the natural eau de pheromone is masked? The Scent of a Woman

Okay. Fine. We'll be the first ones in line once Baconnaise launches a bath product line.

Still, what do you think? There are already plenty of products that make us smell like baked goods. What's wrong with burgers and beer? What's the most off-beat product you've used as perfume, and what types of compliments have you received on how you smell? Linger: The Intimate Mint