Why Nice Guys Are Still Bad Boys

nice guy bad boy
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Classic gentleman or closeted creep? There might not be much of a difference.

Here's the thing—on paper, I'm actually one of those Nice Guys you often hear and/or read about. I'm uncomfortable to the point of nausea at the idea of being a jerk to women in order to manipulate them into sleeping with me. I do everything in my power to make a girl I'm interested in comfortable and happy, and I refrain from any remotely creepy or suggestive behavior. Lemondrop: The New Hollywood Heartthrob: The Nice Guy

So, although I actually do qualify as one of the Nice Guys, there's a paradox—there's no such thing.

The Nice Guy question had always vexed me, because I'm Nice—but really only in comparison to some of these hammers and nails I see in bars, aggressively hitting on you women. (I really don't know how you all deal with it.) Then it struck me one night while I was being Nice to a girl—I want to sleep with her just as much as that a-hole over there does. Which makes me just as much of a creep. Lemondrop: Guys Say "I Love You" First More Often Than Women

Let me explain.

Look—you know how you and every one of your friends dated a worthless waste of internal organs at some point in your life? That's because every single one of us is at least a little bit of a worthless waste of internal organs. You guys aren't strictly all a bunch of Ma Teresa's and church mice, either. But hey—guys aren't all Lloyd Dobler or the Antichrist. There's a spectrum for these things—and that's good.

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.