STDs and Sex


We've all herd of STDs and that we should be afraid of them, wear condoms, and only have one partner for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately that's just not the case.

Over one quarter of the population has an STD and many of them don't even know it. With herpes infections getting out of control and HPV causing cancer this is a serious issue that we need to be a little more upfront about.

Over 20% of the US has Genital Herpes and 80% of the sexually active population will get HPV in their liftime. These two diseases are a big deal because condoms aren't effective against them. They can be transmitted through skin to skin contact and many times the symptoms are so mild people don't even know they have it and then pass it along.

The main way we can really curb this issue with sexually transmitted diseases is to be upfront with each other. If you have one tell your partner BEFORE you have sex with them and if someone tells you try not to be so criticle about it because chances are unless your not going to have sex ever again your going to catch one of these STDs.