Jake Gyllenhaal Mends Broken Heart

Buzz, Heartbreak

Jake's friends plan guy weekend in Big Sur.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been salving his broken heart since breaking up with Reese Witherspoon by hanging out with his guys, first in Big Sur, California, where he'd planned to propose to Reese, and then at New York's Smyth Tribeca hotel, where he partied on Tuesday with Matt Dillon, Justin Theroux, and Mark Ronson. Jake had planned to pop the question at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, according to Popeater, but instead his friends took him there on vacay, which seems kind of insensitive to us.

"It's so sad watching his friend try to cheer him up in the infinity pool when you know it was Reese that was supposed to be next to him wearing a diamond ring," a source told the blog. Hmm. Infinity pool, you say? He couldn’t have been too despondent, because just a day or two later Jake was in New York for a benefit for the HIV/AIDS charity God's Love We Deliver, and probably spend some quality time with his sister, Maggie, and her family at the holidays. Get Happy Faster: 6 Breakup Behaviors To Avoid

It gives us a sad to know that Jake is all alone and single and uncuddled this holiday season, so we'd like to suggest a few rebounds. Elin Woods is out, obviously, and we wouldn't want any of Kate Hudson's crazy mojo to rub off on Jake, but wouldn't he look swell escorting Jessica Biel to various soirees? Or Anne Hathaway; she's already played his wife and they look adorable together. We're kind of scared that those grasping hags from The Hills might get their claws into him. Run, Jake! Run to the safety of your octopus friend!

Via Popeater. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.