Brittany Murphy Left Husband Out Of Her Will

Brittany Murphy

'Soul mate' mom receives the lion's share.

A touchy development after someone passes away is whether they had a will and to whom they left their life's accumulations. A new report has Brittany Murphy's will under scrutiny, and her husband Simon Monjack doesn't appear in it. Here's why.

It's reported Brittany made the will during her acting heyday, back in the early to mid 2000s. She didn't meet Simon Monjack until later, and they married in May 2007. 8 Celebrities Whose Deaths Left Mourning Exes

At the moment it doesn't appear as though Brittany Murphy updated her will after her wedding to Simon Monjack (makes sense; what honeymooning, relatively healthy 32-year-old makes that a huge priority?). So as it currently stands, Brittany Murphy's mom Sharon Murphy will get everything: Brittany's home and her entire estate.

TMZ reports that Brittany's home was placed in a trust, and Simon Monjack's name is nowhere on the title.

Meanwhile that doesn't appear to be a major factor in Monjack's reaction to his wife's death. He told Access Hollywood on Monday, "My world was destroyed yesterday." Monjack said he found comfort in what Ashton Kutcher tweeted about Brittany Murphy's passing on Sunday.

Stay with LimeLife for details on Brittany Murphy's unfortunate death, and read how Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy's mom Sharon tried to rescue Brittany Sunday morning.

Written by Kristine Gasbarre for LimeLife.

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