Need A Last-Minute Gift? Don't Buy These.

inappropriate last-minute gifts

Divorce vouchers and other inappropriate gift ideas, even if they are last-minute.

Forget a gift certificate to Target, if you really want to be helpful this Christmas why not give your best friend with the marital problems a divorce advice voucher! C'mon—it's practical! Gift-Giving Etiquette For Tricky Situations

Reuters recently picked up a news piece about a London law firm, Lloyd Platt & Company, offering Christmas vouchers for a half hour session with a divorce lawyer. Reportedly, the vouchers have been a pretty popular seller—60 sold as of last Thursday. Remember, visiting a divorce lawyer is a pricey outing indeed, the equivalent of about $530 an hour. So in all honesty, this is a decent gift and a helpful push in the right direction when you swing by with sugar cookies and egg nog. Gifts To Improve His Life And Blow His Mind

Of course, the Church of England is saying divorce is personal and "not really suitable" for the a fun holiday gift. Which got us thinking—what are some other highly inappropriate gifts? Gifting Birth Control?

1.) Workout tapes and a scale: Gifting weight-loss tools to someone, whether they need it or not, defines impropriety. Giving Proactiv to an acne-ridden teen or contact lenses to a disinterested glasses wearer fall into the same category.

2.) A breast job: Unless she asked Santa for one, plastic surgery should be on the "do not gift" list.

3.) He's Just Not That Into You: The truth hurts, but not nearly as much as these six words. Self-help books for women with no dates for New Year's Eve and sexy underwear viewed only by her mirror and cat should be bought by themselves. When alone. And with a generous size purse where said book can be quickly hidden. The Top 10 Relationship Books Of The 00s

4.) Clothing that is either way too small or way too big: Buying small clothes in order to "push" someone into a workout/diet regime is about as successful as a inching them to their body goals with a pair of five-pound dumbells and a sweat band. Likewise, buying clothing a good three sizes too large is a wonderful way to let your dear lover know the real answer to the frequently asked "does this make me look fat?"